Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So, this past weekend I set out to record some music I had written with lyrics in instrumental form. So, after writing some charts, my roomate Danny and I setup the basement studio to get some recording going. Recently, a bass player who I hadn't played with since high school moved into our quaint neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn, so I asked him to sit in. It's always interesting playing with people you haven't played with for years, the learning curve is a bit less steep, but it's still difficult to find that level ground. It took a some time for everyone to adjust to the situation and find the time, but eventually we all settled and were ready to make some music. Here's a rough mix of one tune (pump the volume a nudge):

Later that same night, inspiration hit. I had this vamp stuck in my head. So, I took my mic upstairs to my piano and recorded. After putting some effects on it in the box, I realized that the overtones created by the antique piano in conjunction with some creative delay and reverb formed a natural percussion groove. Then I added some subtle layers, a hook, and some verses. Also, a whistling passage that has some cool feedback delay on it. Soon I'll add some more aggressive drums. Check it out so far:

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